Denver Dab Co. was founded with a vision of providing the most pure, highest quality concentrates through superior processing and testing standards. We aim to do this while empowering consumers with knowledge of the significant effects of cannabis extracts. The combined power of the DDC brand and the recognition and acceptance of Colorado being at the forefront of the cannabis industry created a tremendous advantage when entering other markets such as Nevada.


We provide a full terpene profile on every gram of concentrate we produce, as we believe educating the market is important. This is why every dispensary that carries our products is given a terpene educational chart explaining the effects of the various terpenes found in our products. We strive to educate people on the specific characteristics in terpenes so they may achieve the effect they desire.



  • Faster and more efficient production process
  • Safer working environment
  • Full terpene profiles remain
  • More desirable end-products

  • Terp diamonds – created from fresh frozen plant material. THC is isolated from the extract to create large crystals. A high terpene fraction is then drizzled over the top of the concentrate.
  • Live resin – produced only from fresh, flash-frozen whole plants. Live resin focuses on maintaining a strong, pure flavor profile.
  • Sugar wax – resembles a wet sugar in texture and amber in color. This is one of DDC’s most popular products.