Nicknamed “the Hemperor”, cannabis legalization activist Jack Herer devoted his life to changing social thought surrounding cannabis to bring an end to the prohibition of the plant. Jack Herer Brands™ honors the man whose life work is a foundation for cannabis legalization today. The brand provides cannabis products and education to thoughtful consumers, inspiring them to join the movement and become a changemaker.


Jack Herer Brands™ products represent true craftsmanship, with small batch, top shelf, award-winning flower and concentrates. All products begin with naturally-grown, pesticide-free flower, that’s processed in state of the art manufacturing labs run by professionals with expertise crafting artisan extracts. The formulation results in a premium experience for the ultimate cannabis connoisseur.

Though many try and claim the name, there is only one, Jack Herer Brands™


  • 1/8 Flower
  • Pre-Rolls
  • Vape Pen

Jack Herer Signature