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Spire is a high-level advisory firm that supports clients across the globe in government, finance, resources, heavy industry, and the emerging legal cannabis sector. Building on decades of combined military, policy, and law enforcement experience in organized crime, high-risk security, and intelligence, Spire provides services to enable businesses stay secure, compliant, and competitive.

Within the cannabis sector, Spire focuses its business on four key priorities:

  • International production, sales, and import/export licensing agreements;
  • Domestic licensing applications;
  • Public policy development; and
  • Designing and developing large-scale hemp, cannabis, and CBD projects for third parties.
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D-RISK Analysis 

Spire specializes in complex security, compliance, and intelligence, corporate due diligence and background investigations in North America to instill shareholder confidence, protect reputations, and support positive financial outcomes.

As the cannabis grey market transitions to a regulated and legal operation, the new legal industry is building atop a multi-billion dollar illegal industry that comes with complex risks and threats. While many operators strive to transition peacefully into the legal market, organized crime will not simply walk away but will seek new ways to profit from the industry. By providing rigorous investigative due diligence, rooted in decades of experience investigating and disrupting organized crime, money laundering, and fraud, Spire’s unique vantage point ensures no detail is overlooked when protecting what matters most.

Government Compliance 

Spire is uniquely equipped to facilitate constructive communication between government, regulators, law enforcement, and the private sector, helping to develop practical regulations and operating procedures that deliver results without financial stress. As experienced and professional liaisons, Spire assists license applicants to efficiently navigate the new regulations.

Government Compliance 

Spire’s team of industry experts has decades of experience in regional, national and international policing, security, and military operations and worked on high-profile efforts to disrupt organized crime and protect critical infrastructure. Whether it’s for traditional heavy industry projects in high risk jurisdictions or for risky new industries like the legal cannabis sector, Spire’s military and policing expertise seeks to bring safety to any project.