How to Survive Independence Day with CBD

It’s that time of year again: Star-spangled banners have embellished your neighbors’ homes, fireworks stands have sprouted up on every street corner and the grocery store is experiencing a surge of hot dog sales. Independence Day is upon us!

And as most know, birthdays are stressful—and America’s anniversary is no different. You have to buy some stylish stars-and-stripes attire for the occasion, whip up the perfect pot-luck dish for that backyard barbecue, take the family downtown for the city’s parade and make sure no one ends up in the emergency room due to an accident caused by those aforementioned fireworks. Who has the time to accomplish it all?

You should, though, have some resources at your disposal while celebrating 243 years of red, white and blue patriotism. Here are a few ways to help you make it through this long and trying—but fun and festive—holiday weekend with the added pizzazz of CBD.

America, the Beautiful

Many will take in the natural beauty of purple mountain’s majesty and shining seas this weekend, as national parks and recreation areas are hot spots for active Americans every Fourth of July. And if you’re planning on breaking a sweat—be it by hiking, waterskiing or camping—there are a lot of self-care measures to consider. Pack plenty of water, slap on some sunscreen, abide by the area’s rules and regulations and know when to tap out and take a rest. In addition to the sunblock packed in your duffel, consider also bringing along some Canna Hemp CBD Relief Cream. With capsaicin and essential oils, it offers hot and cold therapy—perfect for your post-workout regimen after putting those muscles to work on the trails or water!

(Political) Party Punch

Are you hosting the festivities this year? Flavored lemonades and spiked sangrias are favorites throughout the season, especially for big gatherings because they’re easy to batch long before your guests arrive—plus, it’s a DIY beverage option, so you won’t be busy whipping up refreshments when you should be enjoying yourself! We recommend adding some Canna Hemp Relief CBD Elixir to your favorite recipe, as the citrusy and fresh taste of zesty limes should pair beautifully with most summertime libations—plus, the formula offers feelings of calmness and relaxation to keep you at ease during your social soirée. It’s a tasty win-win!

U.S.A. — Utilize Skincare Appropriately

We’ve already touched on the importance of sunscreen—the only thing that should be burned this holiday weekend are the dogs on the grill and the sparklers you bought for the kids! But remember that hydration is also key for a healthy skincare regimen. Canna Hemp offers six varieties of CBD Body Lotions that provide natural moisturization from organic coconut and hemp seed oils. Keep a bottle handy throughout the weekend—it'll help keep your skin hydrated in between dips in the pool (or lake, ocean, etc.) and outdoor celebrations.

Freedom of … Dry Lips

From California to the New York island, or the Redwood Forest to the Gulf Stream waters, July is routinely one of the hottest months of the year. And your lips need moisturizing, too! While apple pie is quintessentially American, cherry pie is also synonymous with the great U. S. of A—and with the flavor of sugary sweet cherries, that’s exactly what our Canna Hemp Cherried CBD Lip Balm tastes like! Don’t forget a stick of it this weekend—just slip it in the pocket of your dungarees!

Star-Spangled Dabber

Speaking of cherry pie, that brings us to dessert. Jell-O molds and ice cream sundaes are par for the Independence Day course, but why not amp up the last course for the adults? Consider serving some CBD dabs with dessert, specifically Canna Hemp’s Tangerine Dream CBD dab. The citrusy aroma should pair delightfully with whatever sweet treat you have in mind!