– An interview with 1933 Industries’ heads of cultivation

Ryan and Jennie George know how to cultivate craft cannabis and have well over a decade of experience developing their techniques for growing. Focusing on the details typically overlooked by large scale commercial grows, they have been perfecting their skills since 2008. As state licensed medical cultivators, they established a small grow in their home state of Arizona, eventually building a 5,000 sq. ft. operation. “We spent several years learning the complexities of cultivating craft cannabis,” said Ryan. “We strongly believed that cannabis would become the next boom industry.”




Cannabis Industry Struggles Will Lead to Bright Future for Consumers | Observer

This past quarter was brutal for the cannabis industry. What was once a cash reservoir for investors has become an oversaturated desert, with companies ruthlessly battling against one another in a survival of the fittest contest.

Dan Herer interview

If you’re even only remotely knowledgeable about the cannabis industry, there’s a good chance you know the Jack Herer name. A pioneer of cannabis activism, the advocate and author devoted his life to changing social thought surrounding cannabis to bring an end to the prohibition of the plant. His 1985 book, The Emperor Wears No Clothes, exposed truths and demystified stigmas about cannabis, all in the middle of the federal government’s War on Drugs.

Our Favorite Features of AMA’s New Cultivation Facility

This week Alternative Medicine Association (AMA) successfully moved its cannabis plants into its brand-new, purpose-built cultivation and production facility in North Las Vegas, Nevada

How to Survive Independence Day with CBD

It’s that time of year again: Star-spangled banners have embellished your neighbors’ homes, fireworks stands have sprouted up on every street corner and the grocery store is experiencing a surge of hot dog sales. Independence Day is upon us!