One of Canna Hemp's Most Popular Products Can Now Be Found on Amazon

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., June 23, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Canna Hemp™ now has their signature Canna Hemp™ Relief Cream for sale through Amazon.com. The company's partnership with online retail giant, Amazon, is an important point in Canna Hemp™'s trend of expansion across online retail platforms.

While the online retail market has been a major component of hemp and CBD sales for years, Amazon represents not only a major slice of the market for natural health products, but also for wellness products, making them an intuitive fit for Canna Hemp™.

US Sales of CBD and Hemp Oil products have consistently been on the rise, with a more than a 57% increase in 2018, pulling in over $230 million in sales revenue. And now, as more Americans are buying from home to stay safe, online sales have spiked to record highs, with Amazon leading the charge. The CBD market is experiencing a boom in online ordering, which is projected to continue over the next five years. Moreover, CBD is expected to grow at a rate of more than 30% by the year 2024.

Canna Hemp™ Relief Cream has been a popular item, making it the most universal candidate for online sales through Amazon. The cream is made with pure hemp oil extract, which has been touted by for its ability to provide the desired effects without the use of harsher pharmaceuticals. The Canna Hemp™ Relief Cream also contains no THC, making it safe for a variety of consumers, and uses no glycerine, a common ingredient in moisturizers and beauty products. Made with organic oils, the cream is 100% vegan.

The Canna Hemp™ wellness line has been expanding their online reach throughout 2020, with products for sale through their website and via well-known online retailers. But sales through Amazon in particular lend a certain amount of credibility to Canna Hemp™'s e-commerce portfolio. Reviews are a major driving source for sales through Amazon, and can actually play a role in the shaping of buying habits from other sites as well.

Listing products for sale through Amazon.com allows brands to maintain a centralized presence through which new customers can easily look up dozens of reviews that they may otherwise not see. This allows customers to be more discerning about the products they buy, even when purchasing from other sites. Find the Canna Hemp™ Relief Cream for sale now on Amazon.com, or through cannahemp.com.

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